There are a few primary motivations that prompted me to create this blog.

First, there’s a lot that I know now that I wish I had learned five, ten, or fifteen years ago and my hope is that by offering these ideas, they may reach some folks that may have otherwise not heard them and thereby create positive effects in their lives. For some it will the first time hearing of an idea, for others it will be a helpful reminder, and for a few it might be my unique perspective and synthesis that allows them to experience an old idea in a new way, leading to a personal breakthrough. That’s my goal at least.

The second main motivation for this blog is that it will be greatly beneficial to me as well because the process of writing is transformative. Committing ideas into writing requires us to clarify, to challenge, to change, and to expand. Often we learn the first half of something from a teacher and the second half from the experience of teaching it to others. Sharing is an act of vulnerability – an act of faith – and raises the stakes.

Finally, I would like to see if I can cultivate a community that is interested in freeing themselves both for the personal happiness of liberation and so that they may engage more deeply in lending a hand to help the world around them. While I believe that the opportunity to help others is available to all people, I recognize that our capacity to bring about significant positive change increases as we calm the turmoil in our own personal lives and root ourselves in a stable sense of peace.

There are several topics I intend to explore as part of this blog and while I view them all as interconnected, I understand that some readers may only be interested in a few. To accommodate these folks and help all readers navigate the ideas, I will tag and categorize each post so they can be more easily searched and found. Here are my thoughts on topics I’d like to explore:

  • Minimalism – letting go of ownership to create space for something better
  • Frugality – building an awesome lifestyle that doesn’t bury us in debt
  • Financial Independence – breaking free of the need to work a traditional job
  • Personal Development – becoming more effective at living the life we want
  • Philosophy – learning from others’ investigation into the topic of ‘the good life’
  • Nonviolence – moving towards a life that doesn’t cause harm in the world today
  • Sustainability – moving towards a life that doesn’t harm future generations
  • Analysis – understanding the forces and trends operating in the world today
  • Making a Difference – turning our talents and passion into meaningful progress
  • Preventing Burnout – maintaining our joy and happiness to continue our efforts

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